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A “Gauteng Education” curriculum is followed. The standard daily programme comprises of a morning ring, daily tabletop activities to develop fine-motor skills, promote creativity and independence, outside play, gross-motor play, music rings, language development, story time and perceptual work.  

The older classes have interactive Smart Boards for educational use only. Two comprehensive reports are handed out throughout the year. There are parent/teacher meetings twice a year. 

We have a privately run, in-house Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and   Speech Therapist for children who need extra input.  Eye and Ear tests are also performed.


We have a vegetable garden and a mud kitchen for daily sensory stimulation. Each week there is a new theme and daily discussions, activities and artwork revolve around that theme. There are weekly music lessons in Zulu. 

There is a heavy concentration on developing the large muscles, as we have found a huge need for children to be more active. The children run up the road four/five mornings a week to get a little cardiovascular workout.  

This also helps with overall coordination and leads to better focus during the morning activities.  


There are two gates from the road to the parking lot which are kept closed except at pick-up and drop-off times when our security guard is on duty. There is also a CCTV camera in the office to monitor both gates. There is a further gate at the school door. Each parent must be buzzed in from the office. 

We have emergency panic buttons around the school and cameras on the road outside of the school. All children must be signed in and out. If anyone else is fetching your child, we must be notified in advance.



There are puppet shows and other educational shows, wetlands clean-up, barefoot Fridays, special dress-up days and sprinkler and pyjama days to name a few of the activities that your child will experience. A Carol’s Evening is held at the end of the year as well as a Graduation for our Grade 00 classes.  

For parents there is a Parents’ Evening and an annual Social Evening. 

We also offer the following Extra Murals:  Ballet, Yoga, Gymnastics, Art, Karate, Drama, Playball and Music.  



18 months to 5 years of age; Grade 0000, Grade 000, Grade 00. 



We are a 4-term school and are open from 6:45 – 13:30. We offer Aftercare from 13:30 - 15:30.    



 We offer holiday care during the school holidays from 6:45 – 13:30 but close for the December/January holidays. 


 2019 Fees: R3 700 per month (Jan to Dec).          Annual fee R44,400.

2020 Fees: R3 900 per month (Jan to Dec).

5% discount on monthly fees for Siblings. 5% discount for up front annual payment.  

On Enrolment:  R500 Non-refundable. 

Deposit 2019: R3700 This comes off your last month with us.  


Monthly fee includes toiletries, stationery, mid-morning snack, a hearing and eye test, a school bag, a school hat and educational shows.  

Banking Details

“Stirling Pre-School.” Standard Bank. Fourways Crossing. Branch code # 009 953. Account # 023 329 254. Current Account. 

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