Healthy and Happy 2 Play and Learn

Join a School of Dedicated, Experienced Teachers, Passionate About YOUR Child

Our Teachers

All of our teachers are qualified, experienced, first aid and fire-safety trained.  They go on workshops to keep up to date with new teaching methods.

Department Registration

Our school is registered with the Department of Social Development and the Health Department. Our Certificate is available for you to view. We are also registered with the Fire Department and we have consent use with Development Planning and Urban Management.

School Security

We have a host of security features in and around the School including, CCTV, restricted entry and a Guard.  All staff members, as well as Extra-mural teachers, have police clearance.   

WELCOME to stirling pre-school

 Our school is like a home away from home, as every employee knows the children’s names and greets each child with a smile. The children also feel at ease .talking to all staff members and are comfortable asking for help if necessary.  We are all committed to creating a happy and caring environment. The teachers are educated, experienced and first-aid and fire safety trained, ensuring that your child is stimulated and safe at all times.


Vision 2019

Stirling Pre-School is registered with the Department of Social Development and the Health Department. All of our teachers are qualified, experienced, first-aid and fire-safety trained. The principal is a qualified teacher with teaching experience.

Stirling Pre-School aims to help foster the whole child and not just from the traditional academic point of view.  We look at everything that has an impact on your child’s development.  Our curriculum covers all areas of development from social and emotional development, gross and fine motor development (big and small muscles), language skills including articulation and the way a child expresses themselves, as well as how they receive and process information. 

We also try to build your child’s confidence with Show and Tell, sharing news, encouraging responsibility and by having your child perform songs in front of others in weekly assemblies, as well as in a concert.  



Our curriculum is carefully designed and discussed weekly by the teachers so that each learning area is covered. The teachers are well prepared and have clear learning objectives that they would like to achieve each day, giving your child a day full of opportunities for learning and growth. 

We create a stress-free environment with a “no shouting” by the teachers policy in place. Discipline is firm but gentle and the teachers focus heavily on positive behaviour reinforcement. 

In partnership with the parents, Stirling Pre-School “graduates” should be happy, healthy, confident and well-rounded individuals. 

A  typical nutritious Stirling meal

Healthy Living

We concentrate on healthful eating and the importance of correct nutrition and the consumption of water. As food affects so many aspects of the child, from runny noses to concentration, we serve snacks of fruit and raw vegetables with protein dips, wheat-free health muffins, and vegetable soups made from scratch.  


Our Parents say ....

Mike and Petra Devereux

"Thank you for the love and passion you show to our children."

Shelley Grobler

"We love you so very much and thank you for all you have done."

Vanessa Schulte

"... he loves school so much, he cries during school holidays because he cant go to school."

 Bronwyn Whitford 

"Abi flourished because she was encouraged to be herself, her passion for stories, acting and drama were fed."

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